I think NFTs are opening brand new opportunities for sculpture. That enables me to animate and play with my physical work. The end result of a piece as a traditional sculptor is static and cannot be changed once done. NFTs allows me to play between static and kinetic, giving motion to stillness. 

I also love this idea of making a NFT for each of my piece, it’s like capturing the soul of each physical work and gives another perspective that I find very interesting. That’s also a way to put my sculptures in different environments, change the color, etc. I find it very exciting.

Sculptural OBJKT

This NFT is a scan of the physical sculpture Christine.
This NFT is a scan of the physical sculpture Sidonie.
This NFT is a scan of the physical sculpture Fantine. The physical piece is already sold and not included upon purchase of this NFT
My Capucine girl. The physical piece will be shipped upon purchase of the NFT. Unique piece made in sandstone entirely done by hands, no mold used. Shipping included. Size of the physical piece : Height 17cm (6,6in) Width 19cm (7,4in)
The Multicolored Dancing Lucie is a collaboration with the talented Danaé Gosset. This is her colorful interpretation of my work Lucie created in her playful and unique style.