I recently decided to create my own virtual world together in collaboration with ALISSIA SPACES.  It’s all happening on an island where you can see the sculptures in bigger sizes, scattered here and there. The idea is to give another scale to my work.  I like the fact that you can enter this world from your computer without having to download anything, you can just access it from here.

When entering the world, you’ll find yourself at the top of the island, inside the gallery showcasing some NFTs and 3D scan of the sculptures. You’ll be able to teleport at different locations of the island if you wish to see those huge sculptures closer. I am in love with Land Art and my biggest dream would be to make public art one day. I think art shouldn’t be only in galleries or in luxurious apartment but should be outside, available to everybody and dressing up our streets, parks and public squares. So this virtual world is a way to give another perspective to my work.

You’ll need to be on a computer in order to enter the world.

Use the letters A,W,S and D on your keyboard in order to move your character.